Managing a business is stressful. We can help.

Organize and automate your business processes with Airban 360. Focus on selling we will handle the rest.

What's included?

Manage how you sell

Keep yourself informed about your sales, manage and close deals faster.

Setup your online store

Get an online shop for your business in a matter of seconds.

Start marketing your business digitally

Experience an effortless way to spread the word about your business with our digital marketing suite.

Automate your business operations

From team management to inventory tracking, we've got you covered.

Get a website instantly

Online presence has never been this simple. Spin up a website in a matter of seconds.

Give support to your customers

Helpdesk helps you keep an eye on customers issues and questions easier.


We also integrate with services you already use.


Take your business processes online.

Airban 360 is built to bring your entire business together so that you won't need to stress about what tools you need. We mean it when we say "goodbye busyness, welcome business"

"Airban has been an outstanding partner to our business. Their system is so flexible, it was able to align to our business processes in a matter of minutes. Like this is minutes we are talking about here."

Adolph Reinhold, Head of Marketing.

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Physical store? We've got your back.

Do it all with a powerful and customizable point of sale. Check real-time sales statistics, inventory, see customer spending habits and collect their feedback to improve your business—all at one place.

"It's amazing how this technology has massively turned our retail business around. We don't only sell now. We are also analyzing, growing and having fun all at once."

Desmond Akortia, Sales Manager.

Real-time performance analysis & reporting.

We will tell you how your business is performing by the minutes. With a very intuitive and easy to understand business dashboard and reporting panel, you would't have to worry about spreadsheets and time-wasting analytics processes.

"Airban 360 has made it easy to streamline our processes to better serve our clients. I think this is platform is causing a massive paradigm shift in this modern society. I absolutely recommend it."

Cedric Kaluti, Chief Executive Officer.


Go ahead, take it for a spin.

Join our early access program, try Airban 360 for your business, let's know how your business performs.