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Behavioural & Persona Segmentation

A strong marketing strategy will consider the consumers' personalities. We segment your customer base by how they act and how they buy to develop well-defined individuals for your marketing teams.

Recommendations Engine

Being proactive by offering your customers personalized recommendations helps foster confidence and loyalty. We create a recommendation engine to analyze your customers' previous shopping and predict which products can appeal to them.

Web Analytics

Web analytics systems are helpful reporting tools, but your company needs a catalyst which turns raw data into revenue generating insights. We evaluate the web data and build predictive models that take advantage of user created data.

Market Basket & Product Bundle Analysis

Bundles that function together can increase the average order value by combining the items. Our market basket analysis techniques evaluate the data in order to find product package gaps.

Churn Prediction

Churn analysis helps companies to forecast the risk of leaving consumers. We use your knowledge to build a machine learning algorithm that analyzes customer experience and provides concrete strategies to reduce customer satisfaction.


The management of repetitive jobs improves efficiency and allows your employees to feel satisfied and efficient. We analyze your processes in order to determine redundant physical measures and provide straightforward software that can communicate with your workers.

Maching Learning Model Bias Auditing

Machine learning models used in decision making automation should not perpetuate past and present social biases. We analyze your project data analysis, preparation and assessment measures to identify potential vulnerabilities that could contribute to supernatural prejudices in your models.

Price Optimisation

For customer loyalty and optimizing benefit to establish a systematic pricing and discounting approach. We build a competitive price model that represents the true value of your services and products and integrates seamlessly with existing software and business processes.

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