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Enterprise resource planning software. Basically, we install software that makes your office an organized place.


Working with some of the best providers in the business.


ERPNext is a new, simple to use, free enterprise system that is used by over 3,000 businesses. ERPNext has all you need to operate and develop your company.



Odoo is one of the best business management softwares to run a business. It takes care of the business end-to-end activities. Millions of companies trust Odoo to help manage their ever scaling businesses.


Dolibarr is implemented globally for mobile mission-critical applications by corporations, freelancer and companies. The creative streamlined business model reduces implementation sophistication and improves versatility.


Evaluation & Audits

To make decisions about which software would work best for your business, we conduct analysis and audits around your business offerings, gather information to produce a comprehensive proposal.

Application Setup

At the setup stage, our engineers work on installing the software suite either on premise or in the cloud depending on your choice.

Cloud installations make it easy to access business data from anywhere while on-premise installtion mostly retricts access within your facility.


Maintenance is key to maintaining a healthy setup. It ensures that any issues or concerns about how the software setup operates going forward.

We are able to analyze usage and also help optimize your business operations this way. This is however optional but recommended.

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