Automate your home. More free time.

All your devices working seamlessly together to make your life, home or business smarter.


It seems that everything we purchase these days has an app. There are the TVs, HiFi, lighting, surveillance, garage doors and other appliances in our homes that require some form of remote control, keypad, keyboard or control panel.

Wouldn't it be good if all this worked with only one simple menu screen to monitor all from anywhere you were in your home? We can help you control yout home from a walk-in touch panel, mobile device, monitor or even your TV.

Design & Planning

The goal is to consider and develop solutions to support and strengthen your needs and lifestyle habits. We need to learn how different technologies function together and create the best esthetic. There ought not to be anything afterthought.


Combined with leading software and engine technology technologies, our imagination allows us to take the product to the next stage.

Press a single button and a camera will go down, curtains will close, the lights will switch, the projection screen will slip from the roof and your eyes will open wide in suprise.

Smart Lighting

That period, intelligent illumination systems create the perfect environment.

With one button or a simple voice command, control any light in any room, or the entire house.

Only make your home look busy if nobody is there or your light naturally responds to your way of living. The odds are almost boundless.

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