Airban's General Data Protection Regulations Commitment

Airban has always valued the privacy and security of its users. We have consistently met industry standards over the years to show our commitment to this.

We do not need to obtain and process personal details of users beyond what is required for the operation of our services. There is a tradition of confidentiality here, and GDPR is an opportunity for us to further reinforce this.


What Is the GDPR?

The GDPR is one of the major legislative reforms since 1975. The main aim of the amendments is to safeguard personal data and the freedoms of EU citizens, which will be effective from 25 May 2018.

GDPR is an EU-wide data protection and privacy law governing how the data of EU citizens are handled by businesses and reinforcing their influence over their personal information on EU residents.

The GDPR extends to all global companies and not just to EU-based companies and EU citizens. Whatever their location, our customer information is important, so we have used GDPR controls as our baseline norm for all our businesses.


Airban Embraces GDPR

The various GDPR rules – data subject, GDPR, Data Protection Addendum, data deletion, data retention and pseudonyming – are in accordance with Airban's core values of customer confidence and data privacy, as well as procedures and processes in place.