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Imagine a supermarket with hundreds of the same products from different brands. How do you make a decision on which one you are attracted to? A typical consumer will dedicate a maximum of about four seconds of consideration to any product on the shelf and while this is happening, something very important influences their decision on whether or not to pay more attention to a particular product. It’s called product packaging.  

Product packaging acts as a first impression of whatever it is you’re selling. Ever heard the quote, “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, this quote exists because people naturally judge things by what they see before considering the content. Potential buyers look at the packaging and respond to its design instantly. If your packaging communicates satisfaction, people will pay more attention to it than they would to other competing products on the shelf.

Creating a great product isn’t enough. To guarantee your success in sales, you need to have a product packaging that stands out.

Choosing the right packaging design company

Finding a good packaging designer or company could be a very daunting task. To help you with this, I’ve listed a few things to consider when finding a designer for your packaging. 

1. Double-check their portfolio

First of all, pay attention to their style and make sure it’s in the direction you want to go. I recommend looking at designs that are within the category of products you produce. 

Typically, the first step in shortlisting your candidates is in looking through their portfolios. 

Sites like Dribbble, Behance & Upwork host thousands of high-quality designers who publicly share their portfolios on such platforms. 

Looking through their portfolio will also help you figure out hints of things they do that you may or may not want in your project.

2. Look for social proof

The next thing to consider is social proof. You will need to find out how these designers have related to their past clients. Most designers or firms will have social media pages where people talk about them whether about complaints or compliments. This is very important because you need to work with someone you can build a good rapport with. So finding out what people say about this person or agency will inform you if they are a good fit for you or not.

3. Pay more attention to specialists

It is easy to do a quick lookup for designers and get presented with a long list of designers however, what you need to be looking for is someone with a lot of experience in product packaging. While many generalist designers out there may have had some form of contact with packaging design, you would not be able to guarantee if the work they will do will help you hit your packaging design targets. A packaging design specialist will be able to understand your goals and design something that sets you on the path to achieving them.

4. Give honest feedback and listen to the expert

Design is design but aesthetics are subjective. Professionals will try to do anything possible to satisfy you as their client but sometimes while doing this, they may listen too much to you as a client. This could have some negative effects on the final product. One way to solve this is to give honest feedback to your designer with reasons why you think something must go in another direction and be willing to listen when they give you advice. Evaluate changes together with your designer to determine what is best for your brand. Always remember that this is not about you. It’s about the decisions you want people to make when they see your product among many others on the shelf. 

4. Ask other people for feedback

When you get hold of your sample packages, ask people you would consider potential customers for feedback on your packaging. This will give you insights on what people think about it, what people’s suggestions are and how you should tweak your packaging to get better results.

 In the end…

These are but a few things to consider when deciding your product packaging directions. A proper application could go a very long way to give you outstanding results.